Our History and Impact

The Beginning

Unique Minds, Inc. (UMI) was established in 2008 as a nonprofit to help low income individuals realize their "unique gifts"  in terms of what they have to offer the world. Individuals learn how to take care of their mind and body so they are better prepared for success. 

In 2011, UMI applied for and received 501(C)3 non-profit status.  UMI also opened a Resource and Learning Center in a renovated 4000-sq. ft. building located in  Jonesboro, GA. 

UMI is committed to providing services and information to impoverished communities on how to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles allowing residents to become more healthy, self-reliant, and economically productive.  


Unique Minds, Inc. (UMI) was founded by Cynthia Jackson-Jenkins who spent over 20 years working throughout various parts of the country in philanthropy, community/economic development, social services, human resources, and education.  


She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Bowling Green State University and Juris Doctorate of Law degree from the University of Toledo. 

Ms. Jackson-Jenkins and her team relies upon the assistance of an "outstanding" board as well as other volunteers throughout the community to help meet goals.

UMI  2018 Board Officers:

Monica Johnson - Chair

Tony Smith – Vice Chair

Camille Jenkins - Acting Secretary

Bill Curtis – Treasurer


Unique Minds, Inc. (UMI) works in collaboration with area residents, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and businesses. 

UMI has provided technical assistance and training to over 50 organizations and direct services to 600 children and adults (primarily women) in low income communities.

As a result of services and training individuals are more healthy, less dependent upon the hospital ER for non emergency room treatment, and they have become more self-reliant by securing employment or starting their own business.