Past and Current Initiatives

Teen Maze

UMI designed a county wide interactive educational game for teens (primarily 13-17

years old) that addressed issues such as high school dropout rate, teen pregnancy, STI, and

premature death resulting from texting while driving. Other topics included underage drinking,drug use, and other haphazard behavior. UMI enlisted the support of real life professionals so that students could role play specific situations dealing with the consequences of poor judgement.

Staff Development & Training

UMI developed and implemented training program for major mental health provider in North West Ohio that allowed staff to better interact with diverse ethnic groups, genders, veterans, and members of the public for treatment and education purposes. UMI trained management, staff, and the board.

School-Based Health Center

UMI assisted with the development and implementation of Clayton County Georgia’s first School Based Health Center. Clayton County School System is the 5th largest school system in Metropolitan Atlanta.  UMI was responsible for identifying funding, building coalitions and community support, conducting research, identifying best practices and educating school staff and the community about the importance of having a health center or a clinic on the premises of the school.

Exercise and Nutrition Classes - Health Fairs

UMI in conjunction with Clayton State University Nursing program and the Clayton State University Exercise Physiology Department developed a healthy lifestyles fitness program for low income women that would help keep them and their families fit to decrease unnecessary ER hospital visits and create more healthy families.  Zumba is held on a weekly basis.  Community Health Fair held on annual basis.

Homeless Veteran Count

The Department of Community Affairs in Atlanta contracted with UMI to help identify homeless veterans and to assist multi complex apartment building owners as they seek to make their premises ready for use of those who have served our country.  UMI coordinated activities including hair-cuts, meals, and clothing for displaced veterans.